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Yellow Kitty Meeting


this is my report back on the Yellow Kitty meeting for the month of November :)

i haven't been to a meeting for aaagess!

The meeting for those who haven't been is held at Red Rice on Brunswick Street. Red Rice and YK have had a long relationship - if i'm not wrong.. ever since REd Rice opened however many years ago.

YellowKitties get their special sitting place at the back of the restaurant and get served delicious food. in a chat i had with the co(?)-owner and founder of Red Rice, danii a couple of years back, she said that the cuisine is 'modern Vietnamese'.. and they have a philosophy of always making from the freshest vegies and produce. looks like that philosophy's remained and the restaurant's doing nicely for itself. the noodles that peggy, leo and i had were very , very good to the taste buds. (it was wonton noodles, wasn't it, p&l??) ..

.. so.. we were waiting on the newbies, but they never turned up ..
... Van came a bit later... and …

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