hi, my name is lian and i've got no idea how to use blogs.

this is very exciting to be on board the YK blogs.. (Judy.. i still don't know how to create an account!)

unlike the YK webmistress, i have been playing badminton on mondays (my only sport and exercise) with yellowkitties.. a lot of fun and a great time..

So.. how do blogs function? do they work like diaries? i'm thinking they don't function like chatrooms. pardon the ignorance. usually i am on the internet for lots of email, editing and writing stuff. but i am still a blog newbie.

Judy.. if you are frustrated with this blog, please send me a private email 8) (it is also very late.. 10:05pm.. and ppl will know me as someone who stays at the swinburne labs all day and all night.)



Judes said…
no frustration in sight. you get free reign on this blog...so blog away! :)
peggy said…
Ok people let get this show on the road!
Anonymous said…
Something is happening here. How exciting! We will recruite more kitties at Midsumma this year! Let's bring our leaflets in. Taeko xo

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