The inception of Yellow Kitties

Once upon a time there was a big black hole in Melbourne! Where do Asian lesbians look for support and to meet other Asian lesbians in Melbourne? It was a time when "the pink sofa" was in its infancy and the world didn't end because of the Y2K problems.

In August 2000, I heard an ad on Joy Melbourne (94.9 FM) about someone wanting to start a group for Asian lesbians called Yellow Kitties. Being 1) relatively new to Melbourne, 2) not being into the "scene" and 3) having prior experience with a similar type of group in Sydney - Sydney Asian Lesbians or SAL for short, the idea of Yellow Kitties sounded good to my partner and I. The invitation was also extended to partners which was fantastic. Since anyone who know us well would know that we tend to do everything together.

So on the evening of 14 August 2000, my partner and I rocked up to Smith St Bar and Bistro for the meeting. We didn't really know what to expect. The meeting was upstairs in a private room. The room was arranged similarly to a tutorial room, small talbles were put together to form a big rectangular table with a big hole in the middle. Sitting around the tables were a whole bunch of people (about 20 people). There were groups of people who seemed to know each other, and others who seem to not know other people. Tash, the person who placed the ad got the meeting started. We did a round of introducing ourselves and then we discussed whether the group was needed and what we thought we wanted out of the group. It was decided Yellow Kitties will be a space for Asian lesbians, their partners and friends. The group will meet monthly and a mailing list was set up to assist with communicating activites to members who can't make it to the regular meetings.

The mailing list was set up in September 2000 with three subscribers, in 2006 the mailing list have 68 subscribers. A number of people who were at the first meeting are still involved in the group. A few years ago, Tash stepped down from her role as the "fearless leader" and foolish me I agree to set up to take her place.


Judes said…
and aren't we all glad you took it up!! :)

Of course, now yellowkitties encompass all asian queer women (not just lesbians).
Anonymous said…
ah, the memories. thanks for the trip down memory lane, peg - and for taking up the mantle as the fearless leader (resisting the urge to say 'sucker!').

tom (the original fearless leader)
peggy said…
Yes, well it was suppose to be only for a little while. Maybe it was a little while in the context of the life expectancy of the universe:)
Anonymous said…
well, you could pass the mantle of fearless leader onto someone else. but you're so good at it...

(having said that, leadership responsibilities do seem to be shared a bit more in YK these days. and this is also a useful thing.)

Anonymous said…
YAY(!) for Peggy for taking up the mantle of fearless leader from Tom the original fearless leader.

i was at that first meeting in 2000.

it was very exciting to see so may Asian queers all sitting down.

since that meeting i have kept very precious friendships

long live YK!!!

(* i also remember my first initial impression of the YK name and not liking it cos its was too cutesey. for some reason, after (x number.. ) years of marching with YK at pride (except this year..) i have embraced the name YK)


ps do we have photos of YK marching at pride?
Anonymous said…
just as a break from my assignment, i checked this out. n i didnt know that this article was posted by peggy.

honestly, i enjoyed reading it alot, i am gratefull to find out the initial establishment of YK.
i think it was realy great!
hip n horaay n cheers for those participated at the first place.

i dont know much bout Tash leadership at the time, but cheers i always thought u r great even before i met u n peggy has been doing a great job.
fortunate that fate making u (peggy) the helpful leader of YK.

oh yeah, judy as well, well done to all ur work to YK
n everybody else that i cant name one by one, i think they know coz i meet them alot (hehehhehehe i am quite an extrovert anyway)
btw, is that rite the spelling extrovert, hmmm gota open up dictionary heheheeh

Anonymous said…
YK can only continue through your participation and support in our meetings, events and through forums such as this blog & our extensive emails.

I have been lucky enough to meet some interesting people, make some great friends & find my gorgeous girlfriend through YK. Maybe it can do the same for you. So don't be a stranger, come & meet some kitties.....


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