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The rally was v. well attended.There were ppl from the Melbourne Times, journalists, punks & anarchists (in some pretty awesome gear), feminists, queers, councillor Steve Jolly, my film lecturer at TAFE (who was having coffee down the road), social & community workers, 3CR radio broadcasters, friends and housemates of the young woman and more!

ppl were taking photos, recording video and writing down notesthere were groovy stickers that said 'Racism is not Welcome here' and badges:'RACIST FREE commUNITY'the owner took one of the stickers, after several of the protestors went in to explain what the whole action was aboutSteve Jolly, the councillor will bring up the Birmigham Hotel as an issue at a Yarra council meeting. After all the council does not promote the type of ideology of Neo-Nazis - considering the area is populated by CALD ppl..

two friends and i were chatting.. and they brought up the massive action and mobilising undertaking when the Black shirts were around.. the Black shirts were this scary misogynist and homophobic group that were around Brunswickquote from the AGe:"Blackshirts, a group that dons masks and protests outside the homes of women they deem to be immoral. The mainly male, middle-aged group also heckles women at the Family Court and demands that divorce laws be repealed" seems that they started protesting outside Y-GLAM (Young Gay and Lesbian around Moreland) theatre shows!!

but the action in support that counteracted the Black shirts was this phone tree networkppl rang each other on their mobile.. and went to counter protest the Black shirts..because of this action, the Black shirts were forced to go underground..(i will post more things as i get more info..!)


peggy said…
Hey Lian your post got me thinking. The people who attend these events. It strikes me as being the same group of people "punks & anarchists (in some pretty awesome gear), feminists, queers, councillor..." It seems people today are too selfish and self absorb. As long as things don't affect them personally, they don't really care. This goes for the queer community as well as society in general.

It is really depressing to think that we (the society in general) have our collective head so far up our collective asses that we can't bother with making the effort to stand up for things that we believe in. That only a small dedicated group of people are getting off their asses and at least try to make their voices heard.

I still can't believe that politicians who has a history of bending the truth to suit their political needs (I am not going to name them since it would take up too much space) are still running around in power and spinning their version of the truth. I really can't get over the fact they got re-elected!

Things like the "War on Terror" (what sort of English is that anyway), Darfaur, climate change, the social in equity within our own county, the erosion of our civil rights and more! It seems to me society in general are happily letting the neo-conservatives and their believes drives our future.

Anyway thanks for letting me let off some steam! And thanks for posting the report from the Anti Nazi Rally
Andy said…
Hi Lian and Peggy,

I was googling 'The Birmingham Hotel' and found yr blog.

I'd really encourage you -- and anyone else you know who is concerned at the presence of neo-Nazi scum ITA -- to contact the *Liquor Licensing Board* and the *Yarra City Council* -- Kathleen Maltzahn in particular.

Beyond that, FYI, the bloke behind the misogynist 'Men in Black' is named John Abbott. He owns and manages a recording studio in Brunswick called the Dane Centre. Many local bands support John by rehearsing there.

Peggy -- nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. Do what you can, and maybe, one day, suitably inspired, others will want to join you. As for the protest itself, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who attended. In that sense, it was a success. But, as far as I'm concerned, the campaign isn't over until Gary, the proprietor, places a 'For Sale' sign outside his filthy fucking pub.

For more info, pls see my new blog:

Up the punx!
Lian said…
hello Peggy and Andy,

thanks for your posts!! gosh! i'm not blogging in a vacuum.

very exciting.

Peggy.. on one hand, it may seem like its those familiar faces and types at protests.

i think protests work more organically. i actually belief people care. i think of how many people protested against the War on Iraq in 2003

Melbourne's 150,000 people on the streets was "...the biggest peace protest in Australia since anti-Vietnam War demonstrations 30 years ago."

And all over the world there were anti-war demonstrations..

yet the war went ahead..

its like the world has such poor leaders - in George Bush, John Howard et. al

YOu know what Peggy.. i've not heard you vent before !! this is great!!

Just to comment on what you wrote:

"It seems to me society in general are happily letting the neo-conservatives and their believes drives our future."

u know what? sometimes there's this efficient machinery that goes on that's so normalised, that ppl don't even know that they've been brainwashed..

i read some essays by Arundhati Roy.. and it was brilliant!

she was analysing the media and corporations, and its effects on democracy and human rights.

she wrote that there needs to be a sense of cynism about the media.. what we see isn't exactly the truth. what's reported, what's covered isn't all 'fact'. having independent media, is bloody important. independent media that can hold accountable those big bully boys magnates.

it was incredibly easy to read .. its called 'An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire'

(i googled and just found this awesome link:
its Arundhati Roy interviewed by
Amy Goodman

and there's this great quote that i found from somewhere (but can't exactly remember where!) "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." - Wendell Phillips

thanks for more info on John Abbott.

i was having a discussion about the protest with a friend.. she was one of the organisers of the protest.

what i hear from her is about putting the issue into a broader context and perspective. firstly, to raise community awareness and support around the issue of racism.

she and her mates went round shops in the area, and talked to shop owners about what happened and asked them to put stickers up in their windows, and according to her most of them were very receptive. she said that shop owners agreed that by accepting a sticker, they would agree to speak out about racism and not tolerate it.

the other issue is that of the birmingham hotel and them being hosts to neo-nazis hosting their events in the area. and neo-nazis and community safety don't really go hand in hand. but the fact remains the identities of those perpetrators
who harassed the young woman are not known. the immediate assumption was that they were part of the neo-nazi s who were at the birmingham hotel that night..

it seems that they look just like 'everyday' people..


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